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Gold-Foiling machine
Year 2007
104 x 72 cm (40 x 28 inch)
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In production
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1 pieces Inline Foiler for sale - mounted on Man-Roland 700. Price EURO 130.000 / price as new was - EURO 600.000/

InlineFoiler Prindor

Inline for More Value The ROLAND InlineFoiler is a fine example of Value Added Printing - uniting the highest brilliance with optimized inline production processes. As opposed to the established hot-foil embossing method no second production step is needed for inline cold foil transfer and the material is not subjected to heat. This is how the highest quality can be combined with economic efficiency.

Two printing units are required: in the first printing unit the areas of the substrate where foil is to be applied are printed with a special adhesive ink via the inking roller system using a conventional offset printing plate. This adhesive ink is coloured so that the amount applied can be objectively measured with the aid of a densitometer.

In the second printing unit above which the foil unwinding station is mounted, the blanket cylinder presses the foil onto the areas of the sheet covered with the adhesive ink. The unused foil remains on the carrier layer which is rewound by the rewinding station above the third printing unit. In this printing unit and subsequent ones the substrate and foil can be printed.

Overprinting enables interesting effects to be achieved through the combination of foil and different coloured inks. This is a unique and patented process. One major advantage of cold foil transfer is the fast changeover between foil transfer and normal printing. Experience shows this only takes around 30 minutes

Inline coating module technology is based on 30 years of experience. Initially the focus was on the protective function of dispersion coating but gloss effects rapidly became very important.

This was followed by gold and silver applications made possible by double coating modules using anilox roller/chambered doctor blade technology. And then the possibilities were expanded even further by the increasing use of UV inks and coatings along with the enormous progress made in application technologies and materials.

The best configuration for inline cold foil transfer is the ROLAND 700 with six printing units and a coating module. This permits cold foil transfer plus four-color printing and coating, or the press can be used for normal six-colour printing with inline coating.
Europe Eastern
EUR 130,000 LOT
USD 146,484, GBP 101,231, JPY 16,340,662
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